Consisting out of three tailormade tools, GREENPASS® is individually supporting each stage of urban planning processes:

01 | ASSESSMENT for preliminary design based on a database analysis.


Our Assessment is the perfect solution for a fast and rough check of a project drafts potential climate performance and to eliminate potential planning errors. It can be utilized to evaluate different drafts in the early stage of a project or a competition. Plus the Assessment is free of charge on Object Level.

02 | PRE-CERTIFICATION for design concepts based on a simplified ENVI-met® simulation.

The Pre-Certification delivers compre­hensive information about a projects most important key performance indicators. It gives profound information to enable fact-based decision making in competitions or tenders.

03 | CERTIFICATION for detailed design and realization based on a full ENVI-met® simulation.

The Certification is a constant process of on­going project optimization. During this process the full scope of key performance indicators and costs are optimized to achieve the highest climate efficiency on the best possible return of investment. After completion an official certificate about the overall project perfor­mance is presented and can be used for marketing and communication.